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We, the editors, use our intuition to answer your most burning questions by pairing writing and art submissions with the questions you ask.  If you submit a question, we’ll do our best to find the art (poetic, prosaic, visual, aural) that answers it.  If you give us art, we’ll do our best to find the question it answers.

Do you have celestial answers that flicker through your brain? Send your submission to ghostwritersofdelphi@gmail.com. We’ll let you know within a few weeks if we have accepted your submission, and then we’ll use our divine intuition to pair it with the right question so that the world can have their questions answered. 

Thank you for helping to add to the collective knowledge of the universe.

Do  you have a question for the Ghostwriters of Delphi? We want to answer it.   We accept many types of questions including: –Questions about the universe –Questions about your personal life –Questions about art –Fortune-telling questions –Advice questions –Questions no one else can answer Please send your questions to ghostwritersofdelphi@gmail.com with the word QUESTION in the subject line.  Tell us how you want to be identified: name, pseudonym, anonymous etc. When your question is answered, we will notify you.